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Polaris and Champion Portable Generators Being Added to the Line-up at IPI Industries

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We all know the perennial favorites in the generator world.  No one will ever top Mount Honda or Yamaha.  There is however a pretty constant struggle in the middle ranks of portable inverter generators.  It is in this space that two names have recently come to light as power players (no pun intended).  

Champion has been in the game for a few years now and let's be honest, their distribution is second to none.  Finding space on shelves at Cabela's, Costco, Sam's Club, Northern Tool, Camping World, etc. is no small accomplishment.  Reviews have been steadily accumulating, and Champion is coming out smelling like roses.  

IPI Industries has recognized this growth, and after some research and development has elected to manufacture and sell extended run fuel systems for Champions 2000 watt generators.  "Their market share has increased substantially and they are making a great product.  We are starting out with their 2000watt portable, and if we have solid results, we will look at growing our offerings across their line of generators" said Bryan Provo of IPI Industries.  

"In recent months we have been looking for some synergies in the market to bring our extended run fuel caps and tanks to more consumers and more retailers.  Champion was one of those additions.  We have also announced we will be adding two Polaris generators to our offerings.  We will manufacture and sell both BERG I and BERG II units for Polaris' 1000 and 2000 watt generators" says Provo.  It looks like IPI will continue to adapt to the market and avoid being a one trick pony. 

With the addition of both the Polaris generator line and the Champion generator line, IPI Industries continues to assert itself as the world leader in extended run.  We at www.GenXDirect.com are excited about our continued partnership with IPI and are looking forward to being the first retailer to offer their new products.  

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