About Us

Who is GenXDirect?  

GenXDirect is a small, family owned and operated e-commerce business catering to the millions of portable generator owners all over the world.  

We started our site to help tell the world about the amazing extended run generator fuel systems that are manufactured by another great company, IPI Industries Midwest.  After using there systems ourselves on our portable inverter generators, we knew we needed to make sure people knew there was a quality product on the market and that they didn't have to settle for something thrown together in someone's garage, or worse yet, something they had to assemble themselves from hardwear store components and a Youtube "How to" video.

The reason we sell only IPI Industries products is because we trust them.  We trust them enough to put our own name on the line by selling there products.  Anyone can slap together some parts and sell it on the internet, however, the companies that go out of their way to source quality components and use genuine MADE IN AMERICAN craftsmanship, are few and far between.  Not only is IPI an American small business, they are female owned, and they stand behind every product they build with a lifetime warranty.

Back to us.  GenXDirect is just a few people.  If you call us, you'll get a person (maybe a voicemail now and again).  We aren't some huge company that sell generators, and pressure washers, and snowcones, and everything else under the sun...we sell one thing...extended run generator fuel systems.

So, if you are ever rolling through Elk River, MN and feel like stopping by to say "hello"...give us a call.  If we aren't busy helpig one of our valued customers, we may even buy you a coffee!